Responsive Web Design – Mobile Friendly – Why Is This Important?

Responsive Web Design – Mobile Friendly – Why Is This Important?

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Responsive web design works well on all devices – Computers, Tablets, and Phones. The content displays to fill the width of the viewing device.

In this age of mobile technology, users have become accustomed to completing instant transactions, perform major tasks, and gain quick access to important information on the fly, with a few clicks of a button. In order to keep up with the instantaneous nature of technology, businesses are running into the option to convert to responsive websites, or evaporate in terms of business conversion on their webpage. That means small businesses, and those built on static web pages requiring the “pinch and zoom” method for functionality, are being forced to adapt, or fade into the search engine abyss. And for great reason, as responsive websites offer a wide range of potential for advancement moving into the future of optimized web design.

The benefit of having a responsive website is the ability to show and hide different sections, buttons, and components of a page on multiple viewports, adjusting content to fit any screen size from iPhones, to tablets, to desktop, or your 80in’ Smart TV. Essentially, the website becomes responsive to the viewport its being seen on, adjusting its format to fit the most optimized version of your webpage to the screen. One that’s the most functional and easy to use for accessing important and critical content. Long gone are the hours spent using the “pinch and zoom” method to operate full screen web designs on a smartphone.

It’s important to note that having an attractive, responsive, and easy to use web design is critical for lead generation and business conversion, as most customers consider a business’s web design layout as the main consideration in trusting a company’s credibility. In spite of being unattractive, if your website takes too long to load, is difficult to use, not functional or user friendly; it will cause users to reject and mistrust the company’s services altogether making it unlikely your business will experience any conversion whatsoever.

Also, statistics show that nearly 55% of views to a website are mobile users and this trend is increasing. This makes the transition to a responsive website essential to sales and profitability. It also influences SEO rankings, as mobile friendly websites are now prioritized in authority among search engine rankings and Google search results. Businesses that have rolled out a mobile version of their website have experienced increases in sales as high as 62%, and for tablet versions, as high as 64%.


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How To Improve SEO for Business

How To Improve SEO for Business – Search Engine Optimization – Key Elements:


SEO is a constantly changing, but is a critically important function to running a successful business in 2019. The world has become so adapted to instant, quick to access, and easy to use service, that new metrics are constantly being added to how SEO is measured and ranked among search engines as technology advances. Recently, Google rolled out a new algorithm to its search engines prioritizing responsive websites over outdated static versions, once again changing the SEO criteria and forcing businesses who procrastinate to make these updates and adapt, or become obsolete.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the organic and trusted way for businesses to position themselves in rank among search engine results. This is important, because if customers can’t find your services quickly, how are they going to be able to utilize them, or know that you exist? SEO is a means to optimize your website so that it is easily understood by search engines. Therefore, programming it in a way so that it ranks as an authority leader among other websites of its kind. For example, when a site ranks first as a result to given search criteria, this means the site is highly relevant to the search being performed, and the search engine recognizes it as the authority. These days, good SEO is seen as a measure that strengthens website quality, and strengthen this authority rank among search results.

Converting your site to a responsive or mobile friendly page is most important in terms of optimizing your site and making it easier for users to operate. Each year the amount of people using their mobile devices to search, browse, shop, engage and convert to customers increases dramatically, and users will abandon a website within 3 seconds if it takes too long to load, is difficult to use, looks outdated, or is unattractive. That being said, speed is also an important metric, and can be easily managed by preventing and fixing any issues that cause delays to your webpage loading time (large file sizes, outdated plug-ins, etc.).

Responsive Web Design

Content optimization still remains an important SEO metric in 2019. This means, using keywords that are relevant to your business and the industry surrounding it increases the likelihood of your website to appear among related and similar search results. Keywords should be incorporated to optimize title tags, alt text, and meta descriptions, and should exist among your URL name as well. Internal and external linking is also a key player, as the more pages of authority your website is linked to within your content, the more likely your page is to rank higher in authority among search results, and register as higher quality.

The use of schema and structured data in SEO can do wonders to positively affect Google ranking, or negatively if done incorrectly. Structured data and schema serve to provide pieces of information that give insight into a deeper understanding of the content in a webpage, providing context, and helping to classify the page among informational searches. Relevance of a webpage also is ranked by how recently content has been updated on the page- making sure dated information is less likely to appear above recently published material.

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